Macsped Pallet


MacSped has years of experience in shipping goods on pallets. We have operational centres throughout Italy and a network of more than one hundred affiliates to better manage national and international shipments. To meet all our customers' needs, we offer two types of service: Express, with delivery in 24-48 hours throughout Italy, and Dynamic, with more advantageous rates and fast delivery. Shipping goods on pallets means simplifying transportation, minimising errors, and reducing shipping times. In fact, pallets ensure the goods are better protected and streamline the executive flow.

For the handling of special or dangerous goods, we are equipped with vehicles suitable for ADR-compliant transportation of all classes, regardless of the type of labelling. Our vehicles are regularly checked in compliance with current regulations and our staff receives ongoing training, even more frequently for operators involved in the transportation of dangerous goods.

Macsped Ecommerce


Over the years, we have specialised in the shipment of express packages aimed at e-commerce and the industrial market. We guarantee high-quality management of shipments in the national and international markets, both by air and by land.

To better serve the needs of online businesses, we have developed a special section of our software that enables us to easily manage over 100,000 shipments a month.

Macsped Dedicati


Full and / or dedicated loads. This ad hoc transport service goes beyond the standard shipping procedure and is quoted on a case by case basis according to your needs. From super urgent same-day packages with a dedicated van to a full lorry of goods, we coordinate the loading and unloading schedule according to your needs with road transport throughout Europe.

Macsped Overseas


Management of shipments by sea or by air to and from all over the world. MacSped has obtained membership in the IATA (International Air Transport Association), the global organisation for the regulation of air trade and transport that includes all the major airlines in the world. The IATA draws up safety standards for the transportation of goods and people and manages the issuance of tickets and travel documents to enable the smooth operation of world air traffic.

As a recognised IATA Cargo Agent, Macedonio 22 Spedizioni Srl is authorised to operate by managing inbound and outbound shipments by air in accordance with IATA operational and safety standards, to directly issue Air Way Bills (AWBs) in accordance with IATA provisions, and to organise cargo shipments, being able to operate with all air carriers affiliated with the IATA (94% of carriers currently active).

Macsped Logistica


Temporary warehouse to store goods awaiting shipment, from orders by the package (micrologistics) to full pallets, with dedicated storage areas. It is the perfect solution, which we have designed on the basis of a recurring problem, that of seasonal peaks in production that force businesses to rent or build a warehouse, limit the workload, or hire staff to manage the warehouse. We handle the manual unloading of the container, the quality control of the product, the shelving and picking of the products according to the customer's needs, the preparation of the order, and the shipment.

Macsped Software


We have developed internal software available to our customers so they have full, independent control of the shipment. Implemented and customised entirely by us, the customer can manage requests for pick-up, self-billing, shipment, and the status of the shipments, and manage their own documentation independently.

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