Macedonio 22 Spedizioni srl srl was founded in November, 2012, based on its founder's idea to set up a streamlined, agile, and high-performance courier in the Alessandria area.

The company initially only handled shipments of goods on pallets to and from the whole of Italy. The ability to present itself to the customer in a more modern way and with more streamlined rates than its competitors, as well as an ideology based exclusively on the quality of its service, enabled the company to quickly begin making a name for itself in the region.

The traffic of goods was growing steadily and continuously, so much so that by mid-2015 the company already needed to look for new logistic spaces to continue the business.

In April 2016, Macedonio 22 Spedizioni moved to its current headquarters in Frugarolo (Alessandria). The current warehouse is about 8000 covered square meters and is used for both the courier and logistics sides of the business; the latter service, launched in 2016, has continued to gain momentum over the years, so much so that it required more and more space to be able to carry out its work.

Starting from 2017, the continuous desire to grow led to new professionals being added to the team, who have contributed in a fundamental way to the increase in goods managed and, subsequently, to the launch of new services such as parcel and full load shipments all over the world, and, most recently, overseas freight forwarding.

Today, MacSped is a courier / forwarder that still manages contacts and shipments in a fast, professional, and streamlined way, but is also a transport company offering a range of services that few competitors can boast. We have also recently officially become IATA agents.


Fewer promises, more reliability.

We know how important shipping is to our customers, and how frustrating it is not to reach a goal due to external factors. This is why at MacSped we work to ensure goods are delivered when and where they are really needed, in compliance with the commitments made with the customer. We only give real guarantees, and we make sure we keep our commitments with professionalism and responsibility.


Fewer words, more accuracy.

Checking every detail, from collection to delivery, enables us to reduce unexpected delays and increase efficiency. MacSped is made up of people selected and trained to guarantee an accurate service. We organize deliveries meticulously and make sure that the vehicles we use are in perfect condition and subject to regular maintenance.


Less haste, more speed.

When it comes to transportation, it is not enough to be fast - you also need to be precise and attentive to customer needs. This is why our goal is to offer a quick service, completed in the shortest possible time, without sacrificing attention and precision.

Ready to ship?

It's time to say goodbye to pointless worrying and take back control of your time. You worry about your company and we'll worry about shipping! Tell us your needs and we'll provide you with a service designed especially for you.

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